ASHA workers at Biocon using Doxper

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Empowering Health Workers without Behaviour Change

Lérida CHALLENGE: For effective oral cancer screening at scale, it is vital to collect comprehensive data on behaviour (risk factors), a basic clinical exam and future intent. Since the interview is conducted by community health workers who are trained to engage with the patient, but not diagnose, the data they collect must be accurate and as much as possible, structured – to allow for quick analysis and interpretation by clinical experts at a later date. SOLUTION: Doxper’s AI powered data capture solution allowed health workers to instantly digitise their questionnaires using a smart digital pen and encoded paper. A single page, structured questionnaire was created in both English and Kannada, printed on regular encoded paper (see below).

PROCESS: Every ASHA worker was a given a Doxper digital pen. Data was captured and tagged automatically in the pen’s local memory (upto 1000 A4 pages). Every week, the pens were handed over to the supervisors at the primary healthcare centre where data was transferred via Bluetooth to the Doxper app and synced via the cloud.

IMPACT: More than 5000 patients were screened in record time. Doxper also provided analytics and data on 400 high risk patients for follow up.


I have known Dr. Randeep Singh for last 3 years in professional capacity. His start-up, InformDS Technologies (P) Ltd. has been working closely with us on Oral Cancer screening data collection and analytics. We have used their innovation, Doxper – digital pen and paper solution in the field and got very good results in data capture in local language, they later supported us in data analytics and insights generation.

Dr. (Prof) Praveen Birur


  • Easy to use and intuitive – just pen & paper
  • Fill in local languages
  • Analytics from structured fields
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Who wrote what & when
  • Log & audit trail
Structured template used for oral cancer screening programme
Structured template used for oral cancer screening programme
Public health use cases with Doxper
Public health use cases with Doxper