Instant Digitisation Across the Value Chain

Continuity of Care

For Individual Clinics

  • Maintain records seamlessly even if your patients don’t!
  • Increase follow-up visit compliance by 30% and more!
  • Publish papers and earn quality accreditations with your patient’s structured data
Every Stakeholder Wins

For Hospitals

  • Go live in weeks, zero downtime, minimal workflow change.
  • < 15 minutes to train. ~ 96% adoption within 1-2 months.
  • Integrate fully with existing HIS/EMR. 
  • Granular MIS reports and analytics. Continuously monitor operations with intuitive dashboards.
intuitive Digitisation for Research

Real World Data & Analytics

  • buy modafinil in ireland Targeted. Insights from KOL/KBLs of interest.
  • wrong Authentic. Zero bias, straight from the source.
  • Complete. Our doctors use Doxper for all of their patients.
  • Rapid. Real-time digitization, fortnightly or monthly reports.
  • Longitudinal. Rx audit across patient journeys.