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Doctors hate their computers

Updating electronic health records (EHRs) is often the responsibility of doctors and care providers, but very few like the burden and inconvenience of typing. This is especially true in countries where the doctor-patient ratio is poor and the average consultation time is a handful of minutes. Patients in 18 countries representing about 50% of the global population spend 5 minutes or less with their primary care physician as per a 2017 British Medical Journal survey.

EHR systems globally are also the source of real world and longitudinal patient data. However, providers in 135 countries are still using pen and paper and are looking for a cost‐effective digitisation solution that does not force behaviour change.

Who We Are

India's most successful OPD digitisation solution

InformDS Technologies is India’s most successful healthcare digitisation startup, and the largest source of longitudinal real world data in the outpatient setting. Doxper, our proprietary, AI assisted digital pen and paper solution allows doctors to instantly digitise their case sheets without any change in behaviour or workflow.

Doxper has also been used to digitise clinical trial workflows, in remote public health settings and as a valuable source of real world insights for pharma companies.

30 million +
RX digitised

Healthcare is the Last Major Industry to digitise

While digital pens have been around in the market for some time, Doxper is the first to have built a robust, seamless and secure solution keeping healthcare needs and workflows in mind.

We have internally built capabilities on best in class medical handwriting recognition. Our proprietary method can model physician’s handwriting by ingesting 100-300 prescriptions & case histories. The initial accuracy is ~95% with a manual check by the physician herself or our internal medical transcription team. For disease surveillance, our stand alone algorithmic accuracy today is good enough to be used without human intervention. This means, the solution can be scaled significantly without increasing human capital costs.

Better patient care in the knowledge era starts with digitisation. Doxper is enabling the rapid, cost-effective digitisation of healthcare to bring it on par with other industries that have already seen the benefits of targeted engagement, big data and optimisation.

Some of the areas our technology, architecture and data assets can immediately begin to make an impact with the right partner:

  • Real-time Diseases Surveillance
  • Pharmacovigilance: Accurately tracking adherence to guidelines
  • Promoting Antibiotics stewardship and incentives with timely, tamper-proof data
  • Discovering Patient journeys across various specialties and geographies from real world data
  • Incorporating the latest Standards of Care directly on to the doctor’s Rx
  • Building national Disease Registries for major and rare diseases
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