Ayushman Bharat Health Account​​

What is ABHA?

ABHA Health ID card is a 14 digit unique number with which you can link all your health records digitally.

How does it help you

Good for you and the planet

It’s digital, paperless and

Continuity of Care

For any doctor, or any medical visit, it becomes easier to see your medical history.

Keeping it simple

No need to carry, maintain or look for your records.

How to Create ABHA?

3 Step Easy Process

Why Create ABHA?

Your Choice

Create your Health ID when you need it, it is voluntary.

Consent Based Access

Enter your Aadhaar Card Number or Mobile Number and verify with OTP.

Inclusive Access

Available to all of us. Give
us a call at +91 8882925075 for
assisted ID creation.

Create your ABHA Account in 3 Quick Steps

Create your ABHA Account in 3 Quick Steps