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Customer Success: Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital

Mannārakkāt Overcoming the EHR gap in the outpatient department without changing clinician behaviour or existing workflows

Samālkha BACKGROUND: Hospitals in India currently attempt digitisation with manual transcription or scanning. Such processes are often resource intensive, expensive and time consuming. Not all sheets can be scanned, as not all patients can be approached before they walk out. Existing EHR solutions require typing, tapping or speaking. As this involves unfamiliar multi-tasking and increases consult times, adoption rates are extremely low.

CHALLENGE: Nanavati Hospital embarked on a project to digitise its outpatient department in late 2017. External drivers included new laws that mandate patient data to be digitally recorded and stored. Internally, the growth in patient visits, the need to engage more effectively with the patient and to bolster R&D efforts with real-world data led the management to prioritise the search for a sustainable, cost-effective solution.

SOLUTION: In July 2018, Nanavati Hospital went live with an AI-powered data capture technology that allows clinicians to instantly digitise their case sheets using a digital pen and encoded paper. Smart, contextual triggers based on what the clinician has advised are sent to 7 departments in real-time: Admissions, CT, MRI, Sonography, Follow-Up, Lab and Pharmacy.

IMPACT: The solution proposed was successfully implemented and integrated with the existing HIS. There was zero downtime and training per user on average lasted 15 minutes. Clinician compliance was 100% as users did not need to change their behaviour or alter existing workflows. Specialty-specific and clinician-friendly structured templates have further increased compliance and the volume of data captured, ensuring guidance and consistency in following clinical protocol. Clinicians can now retrieve patient history simply by tapping their pen on paper. Real-time intra-department alerts from the OPD have significantly improved customer care and has the potential to increase average revenue per patient. The management is empowered with automated daily and monthly MIS reports allowing them to leapfrog any prior gaps or lag in EHR adoption.

RECOGNITION: The solution was recognised by the prestigious HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Awards in Australia as a finalist in 2018. Find out more here.

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Doctor intuitively capturing patient notes using Doxper.
Doctor intuitively capturing patient notes using Doxper.
Care coordinators engaging with real-time leads from the OPD
Care coordinators engaging with real-time leads from the OPD