Frequently Asked Questions

We take patient data privacy very seriously. Only the doctor and the patient can view and access their data. To further secure the privacy of sensitive and personal information, all data exchanges are encrypted using TLS 1.2 protocol and AES 128 bit cipher, two extremely reliable standards of data security.

Data Cloud Storage is extremely safe, secure and convenient. Any and all information generated and shared using Doxper are secured by using highest standards of data encryption for high privacy. Doxper uses HIPAA compliant cloud for secure storage of data.

At present Doxper provides editable text transcribed data only for organized and structured fields. Doxper uses proprietary algorithms based on machine learning and handwriting recognition engines to transcribe handwritten text. In the future, Doxper aims to provide editable transcribed text data for free hand and unstructured fields too.

Yes. You can. With Doxper, a doctor can either carry the pen and sheets with them or keep a pad in each of the clinics where they practice.

Yes. Doxper coded sheets are fully customizable to any design and size (preferably A3 or A4). These can be used in prescriptions, case histories, casualty, ICU, IPD wards, screening forms and many more applications.

Yes. Doxper can be integrated with your existing EMR/HIS systems using simple APIs. Custom APIs can be developed for complex and deep integration.